Demonstration Testing

BERC works to bring advanced technology to the market so that efficient, low-impact, cost-effective biomass projects can be built. BERC can help technology developers find demonstration sites, assess markets for their products, and set up demonstration and testing programs.

Gasifier Commercialization. Gasification of biomass is a critical, even though not yet fully commercialized, technology for increasing efficiency, decreasing emissions, and making possible cost-effective projects in a wide range of applications. Recognizing this, BERC is ready to assist gasifier technology developers in taking proven products to commercial readiness. BERC assists gasification technology developers by:

  • Conducting market research
  • Assessing small to medium-sized gasification technology developments
  • Connecting new technologies to early-adopter sites
  • Helping put together stakeholder teams to implement projects
  • Finding funding for demonstration projects

Gasifier Commercialization Partnerships. BERC has worked with a company that is adding automation to a model line of 100 KWe-1 MWe South African gasifiers to enhance the technology's applicability to the US market. BERC has also investigated a number of technologies worldwide, to find the best candidate for a funded project at a commercial site in Massachusetts.

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