Campus Wood Energy Experience

As part of a private national nonprofit organization, the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) provides independent and impartial assistance to colleges and universities considering the installation of a successful biomass energy system.

BERC’s primary objective is to ensure the most efficient and sustainable biomass energy system possible while maximizing socio-economic and environmental benefits to the campus and the surrounding community. Whether an institution is considering biomass energy for a dorm or an entire campus, the organization’s biomass experts can assist in making the wisest choices by focusing on appropriate scale and efficiency, assessing the local and regional sustainable biomass fuel supply, and recommending the best emissions control and boiler technologies.

With the ability to analyze systems of the scale required for campuses and investigate beyond manufacturers’ marketing claims, BERC’s experienced technology staff can determine actual equipment performance to ensure that the recommended biomass heating or combined heat and power (CHP) system is the best choice for a campus’ energy needs. There are a number of vendors in this emerging industry and as many claims to their technology’s capabilities. BERC maintains technology neutrality and conducts routine due diligence on equipment vendors and their technology assertions.

BERC staff has extensive experience in working with institutional administrators and facility managers towards integrating the goals of a campus master plan with sustainability initiatives, campus climate action plans, and state and national policies. With this expert involvement, the completed project will demonstrate a successful biomass energy system that will serve as a model for future projects using a sustainable renewable resource.

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