Our Services

With more than 30 years of staff expertise in the field, and extensive relationships with other experts, manufacturers, suppliers, public agencies, and consultants, BERC is one of the nation's leading organization involved in the assessment, development, and management of community-scale biomass energy projects.

Our work and services include:

  • providing information for potential projects
  • carrying out or coordinating project-related pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, and other reports
  • carrying out, coordinating, or providing technical assistance on the development of biomass energy projects
  • conducting assessments of working biomass systems

All our initiatives aim to better inform the process of studying, assessing, and implementing projects. We have no stake in any specific technologies or processes so we can supply independent, objective information, advice, and guidance to organizations and individuals at all stages of the development and management of biomass energy.

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies

As part of a private nonprofit, BERC is independent and impartial and provides fair and objective feasibility studies, maintaining technology neutrality, and conducting routine due diligence on equipment vendors and their technology claims.

Biomass Resource Supply Services

Assessing and improving the availability, reliability and sustainability of biomass fuel.

Demonstration Testing

BERC can help technology developers find demonstration sites, assess markets for their products, and set up demonstration and testing programs.

Institutional CHP

BERC’s Institutional Combined Heat and Power Initiative is a suite of programs and technologies designed to help institutions assess and install sucessful biomass energy systems in institutional settings.

System Vendor Procurement Assistance

Choosing the right vendor to supply the most suitable biomass system is an important step in the success of any project.

Third-Party Expert Technical Reviews

BERC frequently performs third-party expert technical reviews of biomass system proposals, technology comparisons and assessments, and cost reasonableness, among other areas.

Campus Wood Energy Experience

As part of a private national nonprofit organization, the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) provides independent and impartial assistance to colleges and universities considering the installation of a successful biomass energy system.