State Energy Planning for Biomass

BERC helps state energy offices identify gaps and implement elements of biomass energy programs to complement other renewable-energy program initiatives.

Every state receives annual "State Energy Planning" funding from the United States Department of Energy (DOE). State energy offices develop and implement policy through program measures, and nearly every state energy office has a mandate from its Legislature to include renewable energy in the state plan.

BERC is an independent, nonprofit source of reliable information on biomass and how it can be included in a state energy plan that incorporates renewables in strategic, practical, cost-effective ways.

BERC can work with state energy offices on:

  • strategic planning for resource development
  • assessing biomass resources
  • developing a biomass strategy based on those resources
  • integrating a biomass strategy into the overall state energy plan

With its unbiased, up -to-date expertise on biomass technology and project development, BERC can also:

  • evaluate technology options for biomass
  • provide project development and/or review services
  • help to integrate biomass energy into both economic development and energy planning

BERC can also develop a promising, cost-effective link between biomass energy generation and district energy distribution. This means of distributing energy from a biomass project can serve all or part of a downtown commercial district, college campus, state office complex, industrial complex, or entire community.

Finally, to develop and best utilize a state's biomass resource for energy, BERC can help develop cross-agency initiatives - involving, for example, state energy, forestry, and economic development agencies in a new collaboration.

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