Forest Fire Hazard Reduction

BERC works with federal, state, and local forestry and economic development agencies to identify ways to reduce forest fire hazards by using low-grade biomass for energy in community, institutional, and public-sector applications.

In Western states, federal agencies are working together to address prospects for projects, including biomass energy, that can use waste wood to reduce the danger of forest fires.

By burning hazardous waste material - various small-diameter species that must be culled in very large volumes from Western forests - biomass systems can both help prevent fires and, often, promote the health of commercial timber stands.

BERC is providing key assistance for specific projects in the region: for example, a successful school biomass heating system in Darby, Montana (See report), and a biomass heating plant in Boulder, Colorado. These commercially viable projects are serving as demonstrations for the region.

BERC knows well the issues, technology choices, and processes of project development and management for biomass systems. We work with project partners, school systems, and others to carry out feasibility studies, plan projects and programs, resolve issues, and develop the network of wood system vendors.

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