Clean Energy Funds

BERC works with clean-energy and renewable-energy fund managers who are interested in implementing environmentally responsible biomass technologies that can produce electricity and/or heat in a wide variety of settings.

Many states have created these funds, whose mission is to advance renewable and/or clean energy projects that produce electricity. Commonly funded by a tax on electricity sales, these funds are a significant source of real and potential support for biomass energy projects.

With its wide range of expertise and unbiased position, BERC can assist state clean energy funds in several key areas:

  • Biomass energy planning
  • Program design
  • Assistance with initiative areas, such as Green Schools
  • Technology assessment
  • Biomass resource/supply assessment
  • Individual project development
  • Expert review of project proposals
  • Field assessment of funded and/or operating projects, evaluating performance to aid in cost-effective design of new projects

BERC can also help clean energy funds from different states to collaborate with one another to develop broader and more ambitious biomass initiatives than could not be undertaken separately.

BERC can also help clean energy funds assess and communicate the broader economic and societal benefits of biomass energy, including:

  • Increasing jobs and revenue for the forest products industry
  • Keeping fuel and energy dollars in the regional and state economy
  • More stable, predictable energy pricing
  • Promoting local and regional economies and business development
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions, curbing climate change
  • Improving the health of the forest resource, by providing a market for cull material

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