Grass Energy Resources

For ongoing discussion about the current state and future of grass energy (including growing, harvesting, processing, pelletizing, and combustion) as a renewable biomass fuel, visit the:

Grass Energy Google Group

To view or download a 2011 study on grass pellets for fuel:

Technical Assessment of Grass Pellets as Boiler Fuel in Vermont

To view or download a fact sheet on the basics of grass energy:

Grass Energy: The Basics on Production, Processing, and Combustion of Grasses for Energy

For more on grass energy, view information generated from the:

2008 Vermont Grass Energy Symposium

Additional resources:

NY Biomass Energy Alliance Grass Blog

View a six-minute video on a Wisconsin pilot project to harvest roadside grasses for energy:

Wisconsin Ditchmass: Harvesting Roadside Biomass for Energy