Fact Sheets

The breadth of expertise and experience of BERC staff members affords in-depth information about a wide range of biomass energy issues from economic development to fuel supply to gasification technologies. We have created this section to provide a resource of current issues about biomass energy. The individual fact sheets can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

Benefits for Schools and Communities

There are many benefits of using biomass in place of fossil fuels like oil and gas for providing heat. The following are some of the important benefits of using woodchips or pellets for heating a school or other institutional building...

Economic Development

Biomass energy projects have a diversity of positive impacts on local and regional economic development...

Forest Sustainability

It is common for those considering biomass energy to ask: "What about the forest? In a larger role for biomass energy, will forest ecosystems be sustained?"

Grass Energy Basics

Over the past 15 years, growing crops (both herbaceous and woody) specifically for energy has gained widespread appeal, and perennial grasses such as Switchgrass, Miscanthus, and Reed Canarygrass present exciting new renewable energy options.