Dartmouth College's Sachem Village

Serving A Dens Residential Complex with a Pellet Boiler

When Dartmouth College was mid-project with construction of 125 new housing units for graduate students, “we began to see a real big demand for these units, which are very popular with the students—so we saw the opportunity to do a second phase of the project,” recounts Tim McNamara, a college associate director for real estate...

Green Acres Public Housing Complex

How a Chip System's Savings Made a Housing Complex Affordable Again

In the late 1980s, low-income residents at Green Acres, a 50-unit affordable-housing complex in Barre, Vermont, were paying an average of $250—often more than $300—every winter month to heat their apartments. The complex had all-electric heat and hot water, and tenant after tenant was abandoning Green Acres after the bills had piled up too high. Others were using dangerous kerosene heaters, and nearly everyone was trying to get by in under-heated living spaces, leading to problems with mildew, icing, condensation, and “decreased tenant comfort and satisfaction,” noted a consultant’s 1988 report on the problem...

Spring Valley Bruderhof

For a Cooperative Community, Heating with Biomass Creates a Circle of Use for Wood that Had Been Waste

When a cooperative religious community in Farmington, Pennsylvania installed a wood-fired district heating system in 2008, the project turned a waste product into a useful fuel that benefits the whole community...