Government Facilities

Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department Headquarters and Shop Campus

Can Heating with Biomass Help to Prevent Forest Fires?

The Boulder County, Colorado, Parks and Open Space Department manages about 30,000 acres of forestland, in which fire has been suppressed (the practice of not allowing natural fires to burn and remove debris from forest floors) for some 140 years. Across the American West, fire suppression has led to heightened fire danger by clogging the forest with burnable biomass...

Quabbin Administrative Building

Woodchip System at Quabbin Ignites Interest in Massachusetts

The first state-government building to be heated with biomass in Massachusetts, other than schools, showed itself off for the first time in late 2008. About 15,000 people each year walk into its visitor center. There’s growing interest in bringing biomass systems into public facilities around the state, says the state forester involved with the new project...