Agricultural Facilities

Nordstrom Greenhouses

Farm Cuts Fuel Costs with a Flex-Fuel Biomass System

Mats Nordstrom’s farm in Närpiö, Finland raises hydroponic tomatoes in a 7,500-square-meter (80,000 square foot) greenhouse, a relatively small facility in this agricultural area where many farms raise crops in large greenhouse facilities. Nordstrom’s plants grow in vertically supported vines, all the way to the top of this indoor space—and the cost of keeping these tomatoes warm is a major part of his farm’s operating budget...

Stefan Nordmyr Family Farm and Greenhouses

Dual-Fuel Biomass System Heats a Farm's Large Greenhouses

A family farm in Närpiö, Finland that raises tomatoes and cucumbers in two large, long greenhouses heats them entirely with biomass, burning woodchips and peat in a modular boiler system that can produce three thermal MW (10 MMBtu/hour)...