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Leading the Way: BERC Releases Video on Vermont’s Modern Wood Heating Renaissance

Aug 13, 2014

It all started in the mid-1980s when the Calais Elementary School, located in Calais, Vermont, installed a modern wood heating system and became a model for others to follow. Today over one-third of all K-12 students in Vermont attend a wood heated school and Vermont is home to the greatest concentration of installed modern wood heating systems in North America. The industry’s growth in Vermont is attributed to a high dependence on expensive heating oil, a wealth of forest resources, a culture of active forest management, supportive state policies, and on-going technical and support services from the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) at VEIC and its partners.

To celebrate these accomplishments, and help set the stage for even more progress, BERC has produced a new video, “Leading the Way: The Advancement of Modern Wood Heating in Vermont.” The video highlights the many benefits of modern wood heating and encourages further development of the biomass thermal energy sector throughout North America. Continuing to build partnerships and modeling future projects from past successes will insure a bright future for modern wood heating.