Our Team

The BERC team members are national leaders in community-scale biomass district energy, institutional wood heating, and sustainable management of biomass resources. —The BERC team consists of the following executives, senior managers, and program staff:

Christine Donovan

Christine Donovan has over 30 years of experience in consulting on renewable energy with a focus on biomass issues. Since joining VEIC in 2008 Christine has continued her leadership in the biomass energy sector. Christine was selected by the Electric Power Research Institute and National Audubon Society to serve on the prestigious National Biofuels Roundtable; was a Founding Board Member of the Renewable Energy 4 Policy Project based in Washington, D.C; was appointed by President Clinton to serve on his national Climate Change Task Force; and is past Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Solar Energy Society, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, and Maine Solar Energy Association. Prior to joining VEIC, Christine was the President and Founder of C.T. Donovan Associates, Inc., an environmental and renewable energy consulting firm providing research, analysis, policy, and regulatory support to a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout the U.S. Christine holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy from Hampshire College.

Rebecca Foster

With over a dozen years of experience in the energy efficiency industry, Rebecca joined VEIC in 2011. She deftly pursues excellence in energy efficiency program design and establishes strategic partnerships between environmental advocates, utilities, trade associations, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Prior to her work at VEIC, Rebecca worked at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, developing national approaches to increase the energy efficiency of lighting, appliances, air conditioners, electronics, and new building construction. She holds a Bachelor of Art from Boston University and a Master of Business Administration from Simmons College.

Juliette Juillerat

Juliette brings strong research and analytic skills to the BERC team and has over 5 years of direct experience performing energy analysis and savings calculations on a wide range of energy projects. She regularly performs wood energy program design analysis, project life-cycle cost analysis, load analysis for district heating, boiler system efficiency research, and database management. Juliette has also completed the renowned International Training Seminar Biomass Heating - Market development and technologies, by the Upper Austrian Energy Agency and the intensive Hydronic-Based Biomass Heating Systems course offered through BTEC. She has visited numerous biomass heated facilities, district heating systems, and wood pellet production and distribution infrastructures in the US and Europe. Juliette graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and the University of Vermont with a Master’s degree in Plant and Soil Science. She is fluent in French and English.

Scudder Parker

Scudder has more than twenty-five years of experience in developing and implementing energy policy, with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. He led the founding and development of BERC from its inception and served on the Board of Directors and as Board President for many years. Scudder was instrumental in creating Vermont’s statewide energy efficiency utility, having developed the concept while serving as Director of Energy Efficiency within the Department of Public Service. He joined VEIC in 2008 as a Managing Consultant, and served as Director of Consulting for two years, where he led efforts to develop the necessary infrastructure to achieve aggressive energy savings and renewable energy targets for many clients. Today, Scudder serves as VEIC’s Director of Policy where he helps design and advance cutting-edge public policy related to sustainable energy. Scudder graduated from Williams College, and also holds a degree in theology from Union Theological Seminary.

Adam Sherman

Adam has more than 20 years of experience in the biomass energy industry, and has directed BERC’s technology and biomass fuel supply activities for over ten years. His work focuses on wood energy program design and delivery for government agencies and technical consulting services for heating project feasibility and assessing wood fuel supply. Adam consults frequently for industries, businesses, and communities exploring the feasibility of biomass district heating throughout North America. Adam serves as the Chairman of the Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group (NEBTWG) and also serves on the Editorial Board of Biomass Magazine. Prior to working for the Biomass Energy Resource Center, Sherman was the General Manager of a commercial composting operation in Burlington, Vermont for ten years. Adam is proficient in German and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont.